Roots + Hip HopGeorge and Nneka #RunD+N

Nneka and George’s wedding reception was everything!  We at Shutters and Shoots Photobooth are huge Classic Hip Hop fans and embrace our native culture. Our clients demonstrated their deep love and passion for both throughout every aspect of their wedding and reception.

The wedding and reception was held at the well known club, Republic located in the Warehouse District of New Orleans, Louisiana. Republic was transformed to boast the couple’s color scheme of elegant black and white with a pop of red. There was a moment during the reception when Nneka and George changed out of their classic wedding gourmets into authentic African attire. They were the image of a king and queen.

Shutters and Shoots Photobooth was set up in the far right corner just off the stage in front of the flyest backdrop we’ve seen. It was designed by the talented ladies of Beth’s Flowers located in Metairie, Louisiana. The retro backdrop was made of old records, that had been spray painted gold and were accompanied by its original record covers. Guests posed in front with props that gave props to old school hip hop such as rope chains, cool shades, microphones and boom boxes.

The photo strip featured the couple’s logo and three photo displays. Their logo design paid homage to RUN DMC, the classic Hip Hop group of the 80s.

What a fun time had! We at Shutters and Shoots Photobooth thank you for the experience and opportunity to take part. It’s our hope that just like Hip Hop, they continue to evolve but remain true to their classic love.